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Welcome & Why “The Emotional Connection”?

<Hi! My name is Jennifer Leon and I love my work, no, not my job, my work. I altered this phrase after a coaching session I had last year. What makes the word "work" so different than "job"? What I learned was that a 'job' is what organizations create of which they applied a value (compensation) for a duty that they need performed to allow them to function. "Work" however, is the act of how you facilitate those words that listed in that description. You own your work, you don't own the job. The job is owned by the company because guess what? that job is part of their company and when you leave, that job will be for someone else to have. Your work? yes, your work will be left behind, but, no one can take ownership in what you did. Someone else will be facilitating those words from that description that you once applied your work, however, it will be their work. Furthermore, though you and your incumbent share that job, the work, yours and your replacement’s cannot be shared.

OK, I am sure you already knew this and didn't need my 181 words to understand the difference between work and job, but, it took me 6 months prior and 4 months after learning my role was being eliminated to understand the difference!

Ok, so, why did I tell you all this on a blog titled "Emotional Connection – bringing the brand to life through the talent attraction & retention experience"? You see, the job, the work, the loss, the stages of grief all led me to doing this. I've been wanting to blog for a long time; however, nothing was clear enough for me to just do it. I knew I wanted to blog about my love and I knew I didn’t want to regurgitate information. I also didn’t want it to be some therapeutic exercise. I wanted to inspire others to share in my love, but, I needed to understand what it was about talent acquisition that I loved so much? What was it that allowed me to talk 24×7 about it… and what was I even saying? Since I learned that it's my work that I love and not my job, I needed to remove all those bullet points I read in that description and understand what is it about my work that makes me love what I do. What makes my work MINE and no one else's? What is it that I see in 'job' descriptions that makes my heart skip a beat and makes me ready to tackle each and every one of those bullets with full force? It came down to my love and understanding of a brand. In everything I did in all those bullet points over the years IT revolved around bringing the emotional connection throughout the talent acquisition experiences I touched upon. I live the culture of the organizations I support, I understand and create experiences to connect with the right talent that will thrive in the company’s environment.

There you have it. This blog will be about my lessons, experiences, opinions that help increase the understanding of the value of a brand.

You see, I am one of those lucky people in the world that love what I do for a living. I do! And, here I sit, faced with the uncertainty of if and how I'll get to experience this emotion again while I provide for my family and quite frankly it scares me quite a bit. However, I know the work that I love and I have hope that somewhere out there will be a bunch of bullet points that allow me to perform my work the way I know how – by instilling the value proposition in each engagement touch point – Consider, Commit, Contribute and Commend.